Experimental LF Station WD2XNS
Experimental MF Station WE2XGR/2
Burlington CT USA

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Jay Rusgrove, W1VD
15 Polly Dan Rd
Burlington CT 06013

Grid square FN31ls
LAT N41:45:29 LON W73:00:04
E mail: jrusgrove@comcast.net

WD2XNS & WE2XGR/2 Present Status
Currently Frequency Power Format
OFF Air 137.781 kHz 400 watts QRSS60
OFFAir 506.500 kHz 1000 watts CW

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Recent EbNaut Decodes

OPERA Deep Search Grabber

Interesting Recent 'Grabs'

Navtex Stations Received at W1VD

VLF Reception at W1VD

.mp3 most recent reception of SAQ 17.2 kHz


WD2XNS Transmitting Antenna


High Efficiency 137 & 500 kHz 500-Watt Class-D Deck

High Efficiency 137 & 500 kHz Kilowatt Class-D Deck

A 137 & 500 kHz Phasing Exciter

Test results - Hafler P3000 for Use as an LF Linear Amplifier

Test results - Hafler 9505 for Use as an LF Linear Amplifier

Test results - Hafler 9505 for Use as an MF Linear Amplifier

Improved Input & Output Transformers for Hafler P3000 and 9505

Kilowatt+ Low-Pass Filters for 138 kHz and 515 kHz

X2 Multiplier for Class D 500 kHz Transmitters


Boat Anchor Receiver Tests

R-390A / SoftRock Setup Details

6BF5 vs. 6AQ5 in Collins 75S-3,B,C Receivers

Elecraft K3 Receiver Performance Test

Perseus SDR Receiver Performance Test

Sound Card Calibration using a 'Spare' Computer and Spectrum Laboratory

GPS Referenced Icom R-75

Squires Sanders SS-1R Receiver Performance Test

Modified Amrad E Probe for VLF/LF/MF/HF Reception

Transformer Isolated E Probe DC Injector

K9AY for LF/MF Reception

1000' Beverage on Ground for 500 kHz MF Reception

10 kHz - 20 MHz 50 ohm Low Noise Preamplifier

100 kHz - 30 MHz 50 ohm Low Noise Preamplifier

500 - 515 kHz Preselector

160/80/40 Meter Amplitude Modulation:

Pulse Width Modulator

160 and 75 Meter 375-Watt Class D AM Transmitter

160 and 75 Meter High Stability VFO
Note: updated VFO info in the works!


Pneumatic Antenna Line Launcher

Jennings RJ1A Vacuum Relay Measurements

0 - 5 kV Hi-Pot Tester